get off my man u lil piece o shit

I have 2 friends who need tickets to the All Ages Doomtree Last Blowout Ever at the Triple Rock. If you can help them out, message me! Thanks in advance you guys!


You want me be somebody who I’m really not

I got a job at Dominos last Saturday and today I got my license. I feel so grown up, it’s weird.

I woke up all early on my day off of school to get in line to take my road test and I’m probably gonna be here until 12 and then I have homework to do and then I have work at 5. But I’m so tired and I just wanna go to sleep.

I would just really like it if people would listen to me every once in a while

I worked at one of the best/biggest companies and I’m nervous to start work at Dominos….
How the hell does that make sense?