I was arcticmonkeys.tumblr.com. I’m Alicia, nick-name is Gourmet Vomit. I’m from Minnesota, and I’m 16 years old. I like music. I’ve met a lot of musicians, and I hope to meet a lot more. Message me if you have any question or if you wanna talk :)

Boys are so annoying especially when they’re fucking stalking you

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I woke up and my sister Janna was putting coffee on the side of my bed. How fucking cute is that?

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I get free food at work and they let me take food home and it’s just great :)

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Alright everybody.

I just acquired some new photoshop skills, therefore, I will be making more edits when I get my school laptop back in Spring. I’m really excited!

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Artist: UnknownCHVRCHES
Title: UnknownDo I Wanna Know? (Cover)
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everything is a musical reference if you try hard enough.

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DASHBOARD CDs↳Synthetica - Metric

I’m so tired of this shit. My mom is yelling at me for something that isn’t my fault and its really pissing me off.

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when he doesn’t love you anymore when you’re no longer young and beautiful


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People i’ve met

Aby Wolf

Slug (from Atmosphere)

Charli XCX

Lauren Mayberry (from Chvrches)

Martin Doherty and Iain Cook (from Chvrches, 3)

Dessa (from Doomtree, 7) 

Sims (from Doomtree, 4)

P.O.S (from Doomtree, 3)

Mike Mictlan and Ander Other (from Doomtree)

Erik Lee Snyder, Jack Ridley III, Joe Brodie (from Drowners)

Matt Hitt (from Drowners, 2)

Elle King (2)

Ellie Goulding (2)

Dapose (from The Faint)

First Aid Kit 


Icona Pop (2)

Julian Casablancas


Ladytron (2)

The Lower 48

Marina Diamandis (Marina and The Diamonds) 

Emily Haines and Josh Winstead (from Metric)

Jimmy Shaw and Joules Scott-Key (from Metric, 2)


Niki & The Dove (2)

Ragnar þórhallsson and Ragnhildur Gunnarsdóttir (from Of Monsters and Men, 2)

Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Brynjar Leifsson  (from Of Monsters and Men, 3)

Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson (from Of Monsters and Men, 4)

Passion Pit 

Channy Leaneagh (from Poliça)

San Cisco (4)

Sirah (I don’t really know. We’re kinda friends so we’ve hung out a lot)


Chris Seligman and Torquil Campbell (from Stars)

Alaina Moore (from Tennis, 2)

Two Door Cinema Club 

Anand Wilder and Cale Parks (from Yeasayer)

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